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HAIRWhisper Inc. is a Canadian company that manufactures, distributes and services HAIRWhisper products for the Beauty Industry.

Our Shears are manufactured using technology that is a culmination of advancements and achievements thru intensive and original research. Ergonomic design is incorporated into our shears.  The blades have exceptional sharpness retention and carry the exclusive edge: TRURazor™ and TRUConvex™.  “SMOOTH CUT WITHOUT HAIR SLIDE”

We will work with our clients to manufacture CUSTOM SHEARS that are made according to our client’s unique requirements.

HAIRWhisper Inc. stands behind its scissors through its SHARPENING SERVICE and GUARANTEE.

HAIRWhisper products are manufactured with precision from premium materials.  We also offer exceptional professional quality Hair, Electronics, Capes and other accessories.



We make a wide variety of scissors.  Our innovative design is melded with precise propitiatory engineering. Our scissors will make your job more efficient and joyful.

Hair Straighteners

Our Solariss line of straighteners combines both speed and quality into one well rounded package to render the best results and the straightest of hair.

Hair Dryers

Our hair dryers are designed and manufactured with the professional in mind. View our selection to find the one that fits you best.

Combs & Brushes

In the field or at home, out lineup of combs and brushes is sure to do any job; Professional salon use as well as Personal hair care at home.

Kits & Packages

We offer many kits and packages.  Wether you are a  beginner, or a professional we give you professional products to allow you to create and grow in an affordable manner.

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